About Chords for Angels

April 2010 :  Nick Melidonis,  a multi-award winning landscape photographer, was filming in Western Australia’s Karijini National Park– Knox Gorge.In a particularly slippery section of Knox Gorge he slipped and fell while passing a tripod to his friend. He should not have survived the next 48 hours but the support of many ‘Angels’ combined to save his life.  The ‘Angels’ included  skilful medically trained tourists, teenage holidaymakers, volunteers from The State Emergency Services, The St. John Ambulance Service, The  Royal Flying Doctor Services and eventually, the emergency ward team at St. John of God Hospital, Murdoch.

Nick is back to health and good spirits and has rekindled his passion for live music performances. With his friends he created a musical dedication to his rescuers. Hence the title “Chords for Angels”. Two new songs were created by  musicians and writers Nigel Shaw and Garry Baverstock. “Chords for Angels” and “State of Emergency”.  CDs can be ordered through the contact page for $10 each.

Chords for Angels musicians

Majo, Anne, Nick, Sam, Steve, Garry


The inaugural Chords for Angels concert was held at The Fly by Night musicians club in Fremantle, Western Australia on Sunday August 14, 2011. All  proceeds from ticket and CD sales amounting to over $6,500 were donated to the three emergency services involved in the rescue.

The event was organised by Julia Hayes and Carol Elfgren, who between them drew on their strong administration talents to create a well supported concert that has met with rave reviews.  The musicians gave a great deal of their spare time to practise over the six months leading to the concert.

Want to be involved?

To contact Julia or Carol for details of how you can continue to support Chords for Angels project please email julia@chordsforangels.org or carol@chordsforangels.org