Emergency Services Medal to Steve Cable

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Steve Cable is a man who stands out for his volunteer work with the State Emergency Services over the past 35 years.

In 2000 Steve received the inaugural Emergency Services Medal – Queen’s Birthday Honours Awards for his SES service to the community. Steve was particularly singled out for his recovery work with the Exmouth township after Cyclone Vance.

Emergency Services Medal Steve Cable

Emergency Services Medallist Steve Cable

In 2010 Steve was a finalist in the SES’s highest honour in Western Australia – “The Peter Keillor Award.”
The SES Peter Keilor Award is presented each year to an SES volunteer who has gone beyond the call of duty in demonstrating a high level of dedication and commitment to the SES.


Steve has dedicated ¬†over 35 years to service in Volunteer work, ¬†from the Bush Fire Brigade in the 60’s followed by 10 years as an Ambulance Officer in the Exmouth Volunteer Ambulance Service in the 70’s and then to 20 years service in SES Karratha.

Peter Keillor is recognised for his work with Murray State Emergency Services at a time when the Unit was struggling to become fully operational. Although the Unit had no radio sets at that time, he was appointed Communications Officer in 1982 and later qualified as a Communications Instructor.
Although confined to a wheelchair, Peter never allowed his disability prevent him from achieving excellence. He was appointed Co-Ordinator of the Murray Unit in 1990.

Chords for Angels Anne Rowe

Singer Anne Rowe

Chords for Angels musician, the beautiful singer Anne Rowe is particularly proud of her brother-in-law Steve, who has spent the past five years as Volunteer Training Officer for SES Kalbarri.



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