What is Chords for Angels?

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Image Musicians Chords for Angels

Photo Credit: Chrissie Bachus

Chords for Angels is a celebration in the style of a  concert  of  folk, rock and  jazz styles of music from the 60s to  the 80s.  The sounds are up-tempo and popular covers that have your feet tapping.

The first concert was held Sunday, 14th August 2011 at The Fly by Night Musicians Club, Fremantle.

The Chords for Angels event acknowledges the tremendous work of  The Western Australian State Emergency Services, The Royal Flying Doctor Service, St. John’s Ambulance, the  hospital emergency departments and the many volunteers who every day show extraordinary kindness and courage to help others in distress or danger.

Chords for Angels our way to say “thank you”  and celebrate the work of the rescue teams that helped Nick Melidonis last year when he met with a horrific accident in Karijini National Park.

Nick is a musician and a landscape photographer.  He called on his musician friends Garry Baverstock ond his band ‘Anugaia’, Keith McDonald, Anne Rowe, Tim Strahan and Rod Christian to put this concert together and his colleagues in the world of professional photography to support the event.  Please sign up for our mailing list and stay informed of our plans for more celebrations.






2 Responses to “What is Chords for Angels?”

  1. What a wonderfully energetic photo! I’m looking forward to the Sunday session.

    • Julia Hayes says:

      They’re an energetic group for sure. The rehearsal last Sunday was great. It’s going to be a very hot night! Glad you’re coming Zolly