Chords for Angels Concert 2011

Chords for Angels concert

Cliff, Simone, Nicole, Kardeen, Tiny, Barry

What a night it was!

See a 3 minute clip of the concert here:  CHORDS FOR ANGELS AT THE FLY BY NIGHT

Chords for Angels concert 2011: A musical thank you to the amazing volunteers who helped save Nick Melidonis after his life-threatening fall in Karijini National Park.

Amongst the 250 audience were some of the  ‘Angels’  who had flown in from different parts of Australia for the event – including Cliff Winfield, Simone Milligan, Nicole Kelly, Kardeen Black, Michael Napier and Barry Hallett. In addition to the public acknowledgements to the Angels,  Chords for Angels Concert 2011 raised $6,675 for the three rescue services involved.

Fly by Night Chords for Angels

The atmosphere was fantastic. The music was as promised – a range of folk, jazz and rock. The last bracket had everyone rocking in the aisles.

Two new songs, crafted specially for the event, were performed in dedication to the Angels, who received a rousing applause from the audience.  CDs of the two songs, produced by RodMusic, were sold to add to the ticket proceeds.

Please order CDs  ‘CHORDS FOR ANGELS” and ‘STATE OF EMERGENCY‘ through the contact page ( $10 each +p&p)

Beautiful images of the concert are available.  Please contact us through the contact page if you would like to obtain any of the photographs taken on the night.