St. John Ambulance Tom Price

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Throughout the world, for every emergency and disaster, there are people who give everything to help others survive.

St. John Ambulance Tom Price

The group of tourist volunteers, including a nurse and doctor, welcome the arrival of the  St. John Ambulance Tom Price.

Volunteers play a vital role in communities throughout Western Australia. St. John Ambulance Tom Price is well placed to help intrepid tourists in Karijini National Park.

Every-day people, from all backgrounds and experiences, full-time, part-time or shift workers, even students comprise the group of volunteers, trained to offer first aid. Regardless of their role, it’s through their generous willingness to help the community  that St. John Ambulance can provide essential services throughout Western Australia.

Chords for Angels St. John Ambulance

Volunteeer Ambos: (L) Kardeen Black (C) Nicole Kelly

Volunteer St. John Ambulance Officers

Volunteer ambulance officers help to ensure that the country communities of Western Australia have access to high quality ambulance services and facilities.

First Aid Volunteers

You will see St. John Ambulance volunteers at many of Western Australia’s happenings, both large and small –  including private and public events.  They provide first aid assistance and a sense of security when the public perceive that capable first aid or medical  help is at hand.

Regional Volunteer First Aid Trainers

Volunteer First Aid Trainers provide a vital service to the community, equipping them with essential life saving skills

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